Laser cutting brass sheet & tube.

We are a foreign owned and cost-effective contract manufacturing laser cutting factory in Vietnam for metal tube and sheet metal. Our specialty is 2D & 3D laser cutting of high-quality brass parts. So you have come to the right place for the production of your brass products.

Fiber Laser Cutting

Brass sheet metal cutting on our 3kW laser cutting machine with exchange table.

Tube Laser Cutting

Brass tube cutting on our 3kW tube fiber laser cutting machine with auto feeder.

3D Laser Cutting

3D free shape laser cutting machine, which has a 3kW fiber laser cutting source.

Laser Welding

Our 1000W fiber laser welding machine. We can also work with a welding robot for you.

Brass products made with CNC laser cutting

Brass hanger clip to hang on the wall or cabinet with hairline finish on each surface.

Brass electric connector bracket. Small busbar bracket for electric.

Decorate brass tube for inhouse decoration.

Brass front plate for operating console.

Brass seal gasket with handle. Tumble deburring as finishing step.

Brass seal flange with tumble deburring as finishing step.

Brass connector, laser cut and CNC bended.

Connector tube made from brass with round holes in it.