Who we are and what we stand for?

The company

About us: We are a Foreign Direct Investment organization operating out of Vietnam, under European management, and we have been active for over 25 years in the field of sheet metal processing within Asia. In those 25 years we have seen the instustry change, we have seen Asia change, and we have seen demand change. Although change is not always improvement, it is our core phylosophy to make use of changes in market, technology, demand, etc and turn those changes into benifits. We shatre these benifits directly with our network of stakeholders to increase value and decrease hasstle, barriers, and costs.

About us and our Vision, Mission, & Values.

Our Mission

We provide instant quotation for sheet metal laser cutting and post processing metalworking services, Immediate order placement, and fast production services through use of smart technology and Industry 4.0, leading to low cost with fitting quality instantly. Speed and transparency are key pillars to obtain this mission. To us the mission provides us with a function and purpose. Building out our organizational platform upon this missions leads to having, maintaining, and improving our mission capability.

About our Vision

The international market, looking to outsource metalworking of sheet metal and tube processing parts in Asia, recognizes us as the number one platform for rapid automated quoting and order placement. We deliver instant results for customers looking to achieve fast and effective progress. 

Our Values

About us: Value compass of lasercutting-vietnam

Our values serve us as a compass. They show us what true north is, and give us criteria for our decisions.


Speed becomes a crucial factor because lost time cannot be recovered, and time equals money.


You get exactly what you agree upon with us. 


Keep processes simple and easy to use for everyone. 


You can see at any time what the status is of your order. 


We take ownership of everything in our world. We are not perfect, but we do take ownership and deliver results.