The services we provide

At your service with laser cutting, laser joining, and metalworking.

Our services; we are a foreign owned specialized contract manufacturer and offer services for Laser Cutting Sheet & Tube components, tubes, channels, angles, and structural shapes in any size and shape, using our 3D laser tube cutting machine. We also cut flat metal sheets and plates in various alloys up to 20mm thickness, using our fiber and CO2 laser cutting machines. We can add holes, complex cutouts, and other design features to your metal parts, all in a single step.

Next to laser cutting we over an array of other post processing sevices/oprations. This means that Laser Cutting Vietnam can offer a full set of metalworking services to create sheet metal products from start to finish. Post laser cutting processes/operations we offer include forming, bending, welding, clinching, and a assortment of surface treatments.

The things we do focused on cutting Sheet & Tube.

We offer the following services at our foreign owned and managed laser cutting and metalworking factory in the south of Vietnam.

Our Laser services & our Metalworking operations

Laser cutting services

Our services for stainless steel sheet metal factory in vietnam

Cutting service for
sheet metal.

Laser welding services

laser welding services tube

Laser welding for sheet, pipe, and tube.

Our services in post processing

Press brake post processing metal working

Cutting, forming, bending, joining, clinching, and surface treatments.

We, as a provider of laser cutting and other metalworking post-processing operations, dedicate ourselves to environmental responsibility throughout our operations. By serving a diverse range of industries, we actively work to minimize our carbon footprint by employing the most efficient technological solutions available. In our production processes, efficiency isn’t our sole focus; we also prioritize environmental sustainability. Embracing a lean and green approach wherever feasible, we optimize our operations to reduce waste and maximize resource utilization. We also implemented a program to optimize our electricity usage, measuring it at machine level. This allows us to actively manage electricity consumption, improve efficiency, and optimize our carbon footprint within our laser cutting and metalworking operations.

For more information to see how we manage our energy consumption please contact us or click on the following link to visit the website of or to find out more about the relatively small carbon footprint of efficient laser cutting machines click here.