Sheet metal Audio & TV mounting parts laser cutted and processed in Vietnam.

Producing audio/TV mounts in Vietnam; quality, competitive prices, and low geopolitical risk.

In the landscape of Audio & TV mounting parts, precision and durability are paramount. Laser-cut parts and products have emerged as cost effective but good quality alternative for modern audio and TV mounts. Vietnam, with its growing manufacturing sector, is an excellent alternative to production in China; providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on excellence, while reducing geopolitical risk.

Wide range of audiovisual products made at our factory.

Utilizing laser cutting technology, Laser Cutting Vietnam crafts brackets with accuracy, ensuring compatibility with a variety of audiovisual setups. These brackets undergo post-processing steps, including bending, forming, welding, and surface treatment such as powder coating. The product range encompasses a variety of solutions, including adjustable audio mounts for flexible positioning, sturdy TV wall mounts for secure attachment, and specialized brackets like audio speaker racks and stage brackets. Each bracket undergoes stringent quality control measures to meet international standards.

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For more information on Laser cutting metal audio & TV mounting hardware please contact us, and for more information on laser cutting and sheet metal audiovisual please click wiki laser cutting and wiki flat display mounting interface standards.

Audio & TV mounting parts we made.

Below an overview of products we have made within the audiovisual sector through laser cutting here at our manufacturing facility in Vietnam. These parts have been made with laser cutting and a variaty of other post processing methods like deburring, bending, powder coating, and other techniques.


Adjustable steel wall mount

Adjustable mount for optimal positioning.


Adjustable steel and powder coated wall bracket

Adjustable bracket for focused placement.


Steel speaker wall mount

Speaker rack for maximum performance.

Audio stage

Audio stage bracket

Audio stage bracket for fine tunned positioning.


Ceiling mount

Celing mounts for optimal


TV floor mount

Floor mounts for
maximum reach.

Outdoor TV
floor mount

Outdoor TV mount

Mounted enclosure for
maximum protection.

TV wall

TV wall mount

Wall mount for ultimate
viewing pleasure.