Building hardware made in Vietnam!

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The building hardware sector is dedicated to producing steel and metal components essential for constructing buildings. This encompasses a broad spectrum of products, including brackets, hangers, and fixations for cabling and piping installations. These components play a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity and functionality of various inbuilding systems.

Building hardware components for construction and maintenance.

The sector also encompasses electrical brackets necessary for supporting electrical components and fixtures within buildings. Additionally, hinges are pivotal for enabling the smooth operation of doors, windows, and other movable structures.

Furthermore, panels and their accompanying brackets are integral for enclosing spaces and providing architectural finishes. Whether it’s for interior walls, ceilings, or exterior cladding, these components contribute to both the aesthetic appeal and structural stability of buildings.

In essence, the building hardware sector serves as the backbone of construction projects, providing the necessary components to facilitate the assembly and functionality of buildings. From foundational elements like cabling and piping fixations to finishing touches such as panels and hinges, these steel and metal parts are indispensable in the construction industry.

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For more information on producing building hardware products please contact us, and for more information on laser cutting and sheet metal car parts please click wiki laser cutting and metals used in construction.

Building hardware we made.

Below a few examples of products we have made in the past (and continue to do so) within the building and construction hardware industry through laser cutting and metalworking here at our location in the South of Vietnam. These parts have been made with laser cutting and a variaty of other post processing methods like stamping, forming, bending, welding, and other techniques.


Hardware cable gutter J hook

Cable hooks as part of larger cable management systems.


Cable gutter

Cable gutter base infrastructure for cable management.


Clevis hanger

Clevis hanger for reliable and robust piping fixation.


Joist hanger steel with galvanized surface finish

Joist hanger for reliable and robust fixation of wooden structures.

L Mounting bracket

L bracket

L bracket for structural fixation.

Post base bracket

Hardware post base fit

Post base bracket for wood construction.


Hardware riser clamps

Riser clamps for vertical pipe support.


Screw gun bracket

Screwgun bracket for system mounts