Industrial Kitchen & food processing parts laser cut in Vietnam.

Industrial food processing components made in Vietnam.

The segment of Industrial kitchen and food processing parts (kitchen, food, and industrial food processing industries to be more precise) contains a range of durable and functional products to serve large scale food processing facilities. Laser cutting technology plays a crucial role in crafting high-quality and durable components for the industrial kitchen and food processing facility accessories industry. Parts, created to withstand processing conditions (durability), ensure optimal performance, while also being compliant with hygienic requirements.

Standards and standardization to meet the requirements of the food industry.

At Laser Cutting Vietnam, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, leveraging standardized processes and rigorous quality control measures to deliver top-tier components that meet industry requirements. Our facilities are equipped with effective laser cutting technology, and other processing infrastructure that allow us to produce to meet stringent standards.

We understand the critical importance of maintaining hygienic and durable equipment in the food processing sector. That’s why our team adheres strictly to international standards and best practices throughout the production process. From initial order intake to final inspection, every step is meticulously executed to ensure that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Partner with Laser Cutting Vietnam today and experience the difference that precision, reliability, and standardized processes can make in optimizing industrial food processing operations in price, durability, and quality.

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For more information on Laser cutting within the industrial food processing industry please contact us, and for more information on laser cutting as a craft and technology please enighten your self here wiki laser cutting and here wiki industrial food processing.

Industrial food processing industry components we made.

Below an assortment of products we have made through laser cutting processing here in Vietnam. These components and products have been made with of course “laser cutting” and with the help of a few different post processing processes like bending, forming, stamping, and other metal working.


Barbecue frame for outdoor kitchen

Stanless steel barbecue frame from outdoor use.


Hood grease filter stanless steel

Hood grease filter stanless steel.


Stainless steel food distribution cart

Car universal truck rack for transportation.

Industrial kitchen liner

Steel liner with powder coating with laser cutted foldout

Steel liner with powder coating laser cut.

Industrial kitchen shelf

Industrial kitchen shelving solution

Professional kitchen floating shelf solutions.

Industrial kitchen rack

Industrial food processing kitchen racking solution

Institutional kitchen racking solution

Industrial kitchen frame

Frame for outdoor kitchen

Base frame for outdoor kitchen assembly

Industrial food trolley

Industrial kitchen trolly

Light bar rack for increasing visibility.