Metal furniture frame parts produced with laser cutting as base technology.

Laser cutting furniture frames; low prices and effective clustering.

Laser Cutting Vietnam manufactures metal frames for furniture, serving as the core structure for subsequent upholstery operations. Our produced frames find application in both indoor and outdoor settings. Due to favorable labor costs and the presence of a highly skilled and experienced workforce, quality and cost benefits are a natural outcome. Another benefit of setting up your supply chain in Vietnam is that a lot of other links within the furniture production supply chain are already present here in Vietnam; this creates extremely positive cluster effect.

Laser cutting metal furniture frames; function and materials.

As a contract manufacturer we use different materials in frame-making, typically employing steel or aluminum, which they may combine with surface finish treatments like powder coating. The frames must withstand intense use, requiring durability, and they must also meet other necessary considerations to fulfill their intended purpose. These considerations apply to various products, including furniture frames (such as chairs, sofas, and tables), shelving solutions (such as floating shelves), brackets, connector parts, and other components.

The following list provides additional information on criteria.

Structural support

Frames provide the structural foundation for furniture pieces, ensuring stability, strength, and durability. They bear the weight of the furniture and any loads placed on it, preventing sagging, or collapsing over time.

Shape and form

Frames establish the overall shape and form of furniture items, determining their dimensions and proportions. They offer a framework onto which producers can add other components, such as upholstery or panels, to achieve the desired appearance.

Attachment points

Frames often serve as attachment points for various elements of furniture construction. For example, they might include mounting points for legs, arms, backs, or cushions, enabling users to securely attach these components to the structure.

Support for upholstery

In upholstered furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, or mattresses, frames provide the base onto which padding, springs, and fabric coverings are applied. The frame’s design and construction influence the comfort and longevity of the upholstery by ensuring proper support and distribution of weight.

Enhancing aesthetics

Frames can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of furniture through their design, material choice, and finish. They may feature decorative elements or detailing that adds visual interest and complements the overall style of the piece.

Overall, frames play a critical role in the functionality, stability, and appearance of furniture, serving as the fundamental structure upon which the rest of the piece is built.

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Furniture frames we produced.

Below an overview of items we have made within the furniture sector through the use of laser cutting at our factory in Vietnam. Next to laser cutting we use a variaty of post processing methods like forming, bending, and welding, along with a whole slew of other sheet metal processing methods.

Bed frame

Bed frame

Metal bed frames.

Chair frame

Chair frame tube bending

Steel chair frame.

Corner piece

Stanless steel metal corner shelf

Stainless steel corners.

Shelf part

Metal shelf

Powder coated shelfing.

Corner bracket

Metal wall shelf

Stainless steel bracket.


Metal wall shelf

Steel racking.

Sofa frame

Sofa frame

Powder coated frame.

Table frame

Table frame sheet metal laser cutting in Vietnam

Steel table frame.