Motorbike accessory parts laser cut and processed in Vietnam.

Laser cutting motorbike accessories attractive for quality and prices.

As contract manufacturer and enthusiasts of driving motorbikes we have always taken pride and joy in producing motorbike parts/accessories. Motorbike parts add both functionality and esthetics to motorcycles. Adding to a beautiful profile, but also increasing transport capacity and protection. Obviously, quality is an important aspect of products like motorcycle accessories, and at Laser Cutting Vietnam this is not a factor that is taken for granted. We spend a great deal of effort in engraining our quality management system into the DNA of our processes and workforce. Furthermore, as many of us are driving motorbikes ourselves, and spend time on our bikes on a daily basis, we are well aware of the functional requirements needed to make a good part great!

Laser cutting vehicle accessories provides precision & consistancy.

Laser cutting technology ensures precision and consistency; that is crucial for making vehicle accessories. Meeting the stringent demands of modern truck enthusiasts. Bumpers serve not only as protective elements but also as expressions of personal style. Roof racks exemplify practicality, enabling efficient transportation of oversized or cumbersome items while leaving the interior space unencumbered for passengers or additional cargo. Furthermore, light racks demonstrate a commitment to safety and performance, allowing drivers to navigate adverse environments with confidence.

In summary, the sheet metal automotive accessories, offers a comprehensive selection of robust and adaptable enhancements tailored for trucks. Throughsolid laser cutting and metal working methods, these components elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of vehicles.

Motorbike parts in overview.

Motorbike Heat Shields

Designed to protect both the rider and the bike from excessive heat, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Side Racks for Motorcycles

Offering convenient storage solutions for accessories or luggage, enhancing the bike’s utility without compromising on style.

Bike Sissy Bar

Providing additional support and comfort for passengers, making long rides more enjoyable and secure.

Motorbike Tail Bracket Accorssories

Enabling the mounting of accessories such as saddlebags or tail lights, adding functionality and customization options to the bike.

Motorcycle Tank Rack

Offering a sturdy platform for securely attaching items like fuel cans or GPS devices, maximizing convenience during rides.

Extended Mount for Motorbike Tail End

Extending the bike’s mounting capabilities, allowing for the attachment of various accessories or modifications, enhancing versatility and customization options.

For more information on Laser cutting metal car accessories please contact us, and for more information on laser cutting and sheet metal car parts please click wiki laser cutting and wiki motorcycle parts.

Motorbike accessories we made.

Below an display of products we have made within the motorbike accessory industry through the use of metalworking and laser cutting (as base technology) here at our facility in Vietnam. Next to laser cutting we use a variaty of differentr post processing operations like stamping, forming, bending, welding, and other techniques.


Motorcycle part exhaust heat shield

Motorbike accessory for heat protection.

Extended mount

Motorcycle part extended mount

Motorcycle tail end extention bracket.


Motorcycle part pannier rack

Bike pannier rack for backend side mounting.


Motorcycle part side rack

Side rack for bike transport functionality.


Motorcycle part sissy bar

Sissy bar for motorcycle seating back support.


Motorcycle part tail bracket

Tail bracket to extend transport capacity.

Tail light bracket

Motorcycle part tail light bracket

Brackets for motorcycle tail light.


Motorcycle part tank rack

Tank rack to motorbike for side mounts.