Metal solar parts laser cut and processed in Vietnam.

Solar power infrastructure made from sheetmetal in Vietnam.

Solar sheet metal infrastructure represents a groundbreaking approach to harnessing renewable energy. The versatility of sheet metal allows for the creation of various infrastructure configurations, ranging from rooftop installations to expansive solar farms. This adaptability ensures scalability and enables the integration of solar power generation into diverse environments, including urban areas, rural landscapes, and industrial sites.

We are involved in the depth and breadth of the solar market.

Panel Boxes

Enclosures crafted from sheet metal to house the electric circuitry, protecting them from environmental elements while facilitating easy maintenance and access.


Sturdy metal rails designed to support and mount solar panels, providing a robust framework for installation on rooftops or in solar farms.


Sheet metal stands provide stable support for solar panels, ensuring optimal positioning and alignment to maximize sunlight exposure and energy generation.


Metal hooks facilitate the secure attachment of solar panels to rooftops or ground-mounted structures, enhancing stability and durability.

Cable Ducts

Durable sheet metal cable ducts provide a protective housing for electrical wiring, ensuring safe and organized cable management within solar energy systems.


Precision-engineered brackets crafted from sheet metal offer reliable mounting solutions for various components within solar installations, including inverters and junction boxes.

Electrical Cabinets

Robust electrical cabinets manufactured from sheet metal provide housing for critical components such as inverters, controllers, and circuit breakers, ensuring efficient and safe operation of solar energy systems.

These components collectively form the backbone of solar energy generation infrastructure, showcasing the versatility and durability of sheet metal and die-casting techniques in advancing renewable energy technologies.

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Solar components we made.

Below an overview of products we have made within the solar energy component industry through laser cutting here in Vietnam. These parts have been made with laser cutting and a variaty of other post processing methods like stamping, forming, bending, welding, and other techniques.


Solar battery box

Stainless steel battery box for solar energy.

Combiner box

Solar combiner box

Combiner box for solar enery generation.


Solar junction box

Steel and powder coated junction box.

Bracket for mounting

Solar mounting bracket

Mounting bracket for solar panel.


Solar mounting frame

Mounting frame for solar panel.



Solar mounting rail

Mounting rail for solar application.

Mounting hardware

Solar mounting stands

Solar panel mounting hardware.

Electrical cabinet

Solar panel box

Electrical cabinet for solar application.