Trolley & cart parts or fully assembled products produced in Vietnam.

Laser cutting trolleys & carts in Vietnam; quality and low cost.

As a contract manufacturer, but also as users of trolley & cart parts we understand that these handy devices stand as important tools across numerous industries and daily tasks, showcasing their versatility and paramount importance in facilitating efficiency and convenience. These wheeled carriers come in diverse shapes, sizes, and designs, tailored to suit specific needs and environments. From supermarkets to warehouses, hospitals to airports.

Retail trolley & cart parts

In retail settings, trolleys and carts are indispensable companions for shoppers navigating through aisles laden with goods. They offer convenience, allowing customers to transport their purchases effortlessly. Moreover, they enhance the shopping experience by reducing the physical strain of carrying heavy items, thereby encouraging larger purchases.


In warehouses and distribution centers, trolleys and carts serve as indispensable assets for logistics and inventory management. They enable the efficient movement of goods within the facility, streamlining operations and minimizing manual handling. With their capacity to carry bulk loads and navigate through narrow spaces, they optimize storage and retrieval processes, contributing to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness.

The healthcare industry relies heavily on trolleys and carts to facilitate patient care and medical procedures. From medication carts to patient transport trolleys, these tools play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities. They provide healthcare professionals with a mobile platform for delivering essential supplies, equipment, and medications directly to the point of care, enhancing efficiency and patient safety.


In the hospitality sector, trolleys are instrumental in delivering exceptional service and guest satisfaction. Whether used for housekeeping, room service, or luggage transport, they enable hotel staff to perform their duties with ease and efficiency. Luggage carts, in particular, offer travelers a convenient means of transporting their belongings, enhancing their overall experience and perception of the establishment.


Beyond commercial and institutional settings, trolleys and carts find application in various domestic tasks and recreational activities. From gardening and DIY projects to picnics and outdoor events, they provide a practical solution for transporting supplies, equipment, and provisions, making everyday tasks more manageable and enjoyable.

Product types in the trolley & cart sector.

Following now an overview of possible products within this category followed by a summary of the products we have produced within this diverse product group:

Shopping cart

Used in supermarkets, grocery stores, and retail outlets for customers to carry their purchases conveniently.

Warehouse cart/trolley

Utilized in warehouses and distribution centers for transporting goods and materials within the facility.

Luggage cart/trolley

Found in airports, hotels, and train stations for travelers to transport their luggage between terminals, parking lots, and accommodations.

Medical cart/trolley

Seen in hospitals and healthcare facilities for storing and transporting medical supplies, equipment, and medications.

Cleaning cart

Employed by janitorial staff in commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals to carry cleaning supplies and equipment for maintenance tasks.

Food service cart/trolley

Used in restaurants, catering services, and food delivery businesses for transporting food and beverages to customers’ tables or locations.

Garden cart

Utilized in gardening and landscaping for transporting tools, soil, plants, and other materials around the garden or yard.

Utility cart/trolley

Versatile carts used in various settings, such as offices, schools, and workshops, for transporting tools, files, equipment, and other items.

Audiovisual cart

Commonly seen in classrooms, conference rooms, and event venues for transporting audiovisual equipment, such as projectors, speakers, and screens.

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Trolleys & carts we made.

Below an assortment of products we have made within the trolley & cart sector through laser cutting here in Vietnam. These parts have been made with laser cutting and a variaty of other post processing methods like stamping, forming, bending, welding, and other techniques.

Bakery double

Bakery tray double

Bakery tray rack for oven and transport.


Sheet metal Barrel

Barrel transporter for logistics of drums.

Closed transporter

Closed transport

Clased transporter for medical apllications.

Drum platform

Platform barrel

Transport of drums and barrels.


Drum trolley

Trolley for drum/barrel transport.

Universal transport cart

Hand cart combination

Conbination of materials in universal cart

hand cart

Hand full steel

Steel universal hand cart for transport.

Basic hand truck

Hand truck basic

Universal handtruc fron factory/warehouse.