Vehicle accessory parts laser cut and processed in Vietnam.

Laser cutting vehicle accessories in Vietnam equals high quality.

The vehicle accessories segment focusses on a diverse array of durable and adaptable additions aimed at improving both the functionality and visual appeal of trucks. Laser cutting of automotive accessories stands as a pivotal method in delivering competitively priced high-quality components. Bumpers, engineered to endure impacts and safeguard the vehicle’s front and rear ranging from rugged off-road variants to urban designs. Roof racks provide pragmatic solutions for transportation needs. Racks optimize a truck’s cargo capacity without compromising internal space. Additionally, light racks enhance visibility in challenging off-road terrains or during low-light conditions.

Laser cutting vehicle accessories needs precision & consistancy.

Laser cutting technology ensures precision and consistency; that is crucial for making vehicle accessories. Meeting the stringent demands of modern truck enthusiasts. Bumpers serve not only as protective elements but also as expressions of personal style. Roof racks exemplify practicality, enabling efficient transportation of oversized or cumbersome items while leaving the interior space unencumbered for passengers or additional cargo. Furthermore, light racks demonstrate a commitment to safety and performance, allowing drivers to navigate adverse environments with confidence.

In summary, the sheet metal automotive accessories, offers a comprehensive selection of robust and adaptable enhancements tailored for trucks. Throughsolid laser cutting and metal working methods, these components elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of vehicles.

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Vehicle accessories we made.

Below an accortment of products we have made within the vehicle accessories industry through laser cutting here in Vietnam. These parts have been made with laser cutting and a variaty of other post processing methods like stamping, forming, bending, welding, and other techniques.

Side racks

Side rack pannel automotive accessories

Vehicle rack for side mounted transport.

Step ups

Truck stepup bar for entrence and exit.

Truck stepup bar for entrence and exit.

Uni racks

Universal truck rack automotive accessories

Car universal truck rack for transportation.

Skid plates

Skid plate car part for car assessory industry

Car skid plate for protection.


Rack gutter mount automotive accessories

Rack gutter mount for connecting bars.


Sheet metal car runner bar laser made with laser cutting for car assessory industry

Car roof runner bar for tranport of goods on roof.

Bull bars

Car part bull bar laser cutting car parts automotive accessories

Truck bull bar for front-end protection of vehicle.

Light bars

Car part truck light bar

Light bar rack for increasing visibility.